Experiencing Consumer Junk in a live setting is not just going to a show. It’s an art gathering event where Electronic Body Music meets rocking guitars, pounding drums and real-time visuals.

The greatest part is that everybody in the audience can experience it in their own way: dancing, headbanging, reflecting on our societies and the state of our world or just enjoying some mesmerizing videos and artworks.

Founded in 2010 by producer Gerwin van Ruiswijk with the release of the album “Product”, the project quickly transforms into a full live act in 2013 after a collaborative musical and visual EP involving Marcel Verschoor and Nicole van Rietschoten from the artist group “Must We Unite”. They are joined by Etienne Baegen on the drums and Niels Muijen on guitars.

This collaboration settles the core themes of the group: consumerism, people’s strength and overthrow of existing structures and regimes, with the common thread of observing and questioning their consequences.

The following years, Consumer Junk releases several albums, EPs and singles and plays live at numerous venues and festivals such as Tivoli, P60, de Duycker or Baroeg Open Air. In 2018 Niels Muijen parts ways with the band and is replaced by Yannick Wattiau.

After an almost 2-year hiatus, the group is booking shows again for 2024/2025 with a new live performance including revisited mind-blowing visual artworks and kicking sounds!

Gerwin van Ruiswijk

On stage: Synths, Keytar, Vocoder, Theremin, Vocals

Founding father, composer and producer of the band, Gerwin started making music at a young age and played in several bands before starting Consumer Junk.

Other activities: Composer/vocalist of Silence (Dutch rock) Composer NDex (electronic down tempo) Co-writer/vocalist, keyplayer, vocoder for NG-Pro. Remixes (Grendel, Schwarzblut, Agonoize, Vigilante, and many more) Some movie-music

Yannick Wattiau

On stage: Guitars

Etienne Baegen

On stage: Drums.

Achieved: Played in all the large clubs and several radio and tv shows with KinKobra. Did support shows for: Anathema, Triggerfinger, Intwine, Aqua D’annique and many others.

Endorser for Paiste Cymbals
Endorser for KellyShu Microphone Mounts

Marcel Verschoor

On stage: Visuals

This Artist/DJ/VJ is the live VJ for Consumer Junk. He had many exhibitions in Europe. Together with Nicole van Rietschoten he founded the Art group Must We Unite in 2012.

Achieved: Art-exhibitions in Amsterdam, Berlin, Kayseri, BRNO and many other European cities.

DJ: over 1000 shows in numerous clubs and festivals in The Netherlands, USA, Germany, Belgium, Turkey