Consumer Junk

Consumer Junk is rough, brutal and technoid.

In 2013 Consumer Junk, Gerwin van Ruiswijk (producer) en Niels Muijen, started working together with the revolutionary Art group Must We Unite (Marcel Verschoor and Nicole van Rietschoten) which resulted in a successful EP with tracks inspired by the brutal artwork of this Art group. Marcel joined Consumer Junk in 2013 as band member.

In 2014 a storm broke loose: The single Gruftibahn 11 became a hit in The German Alternative Charts (DAC) while the EP Must We Unite gained plays on itunes, spotify, bandcamp etc as well. Etienne Baegen, former drummer of KinKobra teamed up with Consumer Junk. In 2015 Consumer Junk is touring the clubs. Be prepared for a high energy live experience!

The single Pusher will be released in The Netherlands march 2015

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Recent News

New album Pusher Out Now!

Ladies and gentlemen.. the album is OUT NOW!!! Released the 28th of april 2015 on Walboomers Recordsavailable on almost every digital platform.. Check here for I-Tunes and Spotify! 



New single Pushed Out Now!

Our new single Pushed is released today on Walboomers Records! 

Go get it on I-Tunes, YouTubeand Spotify! 

At the end of march our full length album "Pusher" will be in stores. 



The recordings of our upcoming album, single and videoclip are done!  We are looking forward to the official release this spring!