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3 weeks ago

Consumer Junk

How cool is that? 😲

Made on demand with great quality materials which means durability and no junk stock!

Get in touch with Ruis Design 😃👍

#custommade #CustomMerch #bandmerchPersonalized Consumer Junk 🤟🏻

Naast de standaard plaatsing van de bedrukkingen is het ook mogelijk om bijvoorbeeld het ontwerp op de mouwen te plaatsen.

Wil je iets unieks cadeau doen?
Stuur ons je huidige afbeelding en wie weet kunnen wij het zo ontwerpen dat het geheel persoonlijk is.

Interesse of meer info nodig!?

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1 month ago

Consumer Junk

Want some custom Consumer Junk merch? Get in touch with Ruis Design!

#bandmerch #custommade #CustomMerchConsumer Junk✌🏻

Band Merch -> Pet bedrukkingen

Wil je ook een pet naar wens laten bedrukken ?!
Neem contact met ons op via :

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2 months ago

Consumer Junk

RED RIOT Records is giving you the opportunity to win free stuff. how nice is that? 😃👌

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3 months ago

Consumer Junk

Ein bisschen Tanzmusik mit DJ Red Vamp!Below is my DJ Red Vamp playlist from Tanzmusik with DJ Red Vamp on Tuesday. Thank you to all that attended the first edition of Tanzmusik, a night of German dark alternative music (German bands, international bands with lyrics auf Deutsch, and German themed songs). I am very happy to say that it was a success and that many people requested that I do this event night again..perhaps on a monthly basis. So another one will be planned soon. There were so many bands that I wanted to play, but never got to! My apologies for any requests that I missed in chat and for not being as active in the chat as I normally am. I received over 2 ½ hours of requests in advance and also had hundreds of band folders to sift through, so it kept me quite busy! You guys were great and I am looking forward to doing another one! Also, just a reminder, please join us again the weekend: Friday for Special Guest: DJ Melting Girl : Panoptikon Streaming Fridays, and then again on Saturday night when DJ Lord Byron and I both spin for Slimelight (London) Floor One for the Slimelight - 29th Aug 2020 - Stay In Fest aftershow party (DJ Red Vamp at 10:30 PM and DJ Lord Byron at 12AM CDT). See you all then! <3
==Playlist for Tanzmusik with DJ Red Vamp, Aug. 25th, 2020=
(requests are denoted by an asterisk*).
Massiv in Mensch - Tanzmusik Und Pastis
Blutengel - Reich mir die Hand*
Peter Heppner - ...und ich tanz'
Ruined Conflict - Feuer (Techno Remix)*
Rammstein- ICH WILL*
And One - Unter Meiner Uniform
Melotron - Gib Mir Alles*
Faderhead - The Acid Witch*
Rotersand - I Feel, You Don't*
Peter Schilling - Major Tom (Vollig Losgelost German-version)*
Accessory - Voran (Der Teufel im Spiegel Mix by Boole)
CHROM - Walked the Line
NACHTMAHR - Wir sind zurück*
Solitary Experiments - Crash & Burn
IAMX - Bernadette (German version)*
A Spell Inside - Frei sein
Funker Vogt - Der letzte Tanz*
Scooter - Lass uns tanzen
Covenant - Wir Sind Die Nacht (Henrik Bäckström Remix)
And One – Deutschmaschine*
Rammstein - WO BIST DU*
TOAL - Magic
Seelennacht - Die nächtliche Stadt
Wolfsheim - Künstliche Welten*
DE/VISION - Binary Soldier*
Rammstein - Du Hast*
Laibach - Tanz Mit Laibach*
Schwefelgelb - Schwarz Weiß
RROYCE - Parallel Worlds
Neuroticfish - Fluchtreflex (Aesthetische Reframe)
Mechanical Moth - Abendrot (In Black Lights Remix)
suicide commando - Dein Herz, Meine Gier*
Consumer Junk - GruftiBahn 11
Beborn Beton - Vorbei (FAP7 Remix)*
DSTR - Lucretia My Reflection (Alternative Version)
Project Pitchfork – Rain*
Praga Khan- Tausend Sterne*
Falco - Der Kommissar*
Peter Schilling - Die Wüste lebt*
ImAtem - Escape to Follow (Feat. Sven Friedrich - Zeraphine)
ES23 - Taking Me Down (Shiv-R Remix)
EISBRECHER OFFICIAL - This Is Deutsch (Sitd Remix)*
Faderhead - Slowly We Inch*
Komor Kommando - Das Oontz*
[:SITD:] (Official) - Rot V1.0
Future Lied To Us - Falling
Xenia Beliayeva - Dumpfe Träume
Schiller Featuring Heppner - Humate Remix
WYNARDTAGE - Send Me an Angel
Unheilig – Komm Zu Mir
Das Ich - Destillat (VNV Nation Remix)*
Rammstein – DEUTSCHLAND*
Faderhead - TZDV
Klangstabil - Math & Emotion - The Square Root of Three
Tyske Ludder - Meskalin
Blue Images - Forgotten (German Vocal Mix)
Solar Fake - Here I Stand
Da Tweekaz - Jägermeister
Nena - 99 Luftballons*
Kraftwerk - Das Model
Lights of Euphoria vs Soman - Stripped (Lights of Euphoria)
SOMAN - Strobe Light
:Wumpscut: - Wreath of Barbs (Instinct Primal Remix)
[:Sitd:] - Aftermath
Die Krupps - Nazis auf Speed
Terminal Choice - Keine Macht
KMFDM- Megalomaniac (Single Mix)
And One – Panzermensch*
Goethes Erben and Peter Heppner - Glasgarten
Camouflage - I Can't Feel You
Substaat - Berlin
NNHMN - Der Unweise (Original Mix)
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